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Horus fixed his blank, one-eyed stare on the woman as she lectured him. She was infuriating. What could this woman possibly know of death? Horus began to tremble. Your ignorance is unbearable, woman! I do not slay all the beasts in the forests because they are simply that; beasts! They kill as a matter of survival. What was done at Yunkel, that was not survival! That was bloodlust! Innocent people terrorized and massacred? That is horror! And you speak of disease? Pestilence?! Horus ripped his eyepatch from his head and threw it to the dirt, exposing a sightless crater where his eye once lived. You know nothing of pestilence! His voice was a hoarse roar filled with exasperation. A furious rage ran rampant through his body. He whipped his robes off revealing the animal hide armor underneath, then hefted his bronze axe from his belt and sent it whirling towards a tree. The blade stuck with a dull thump. Gamaliel, sensing that something was wrong, brayed and swiftly cantered up behind Horus. The desert man paced back and forth in an attempt to control his growing anger.
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The Burning of Yunkel · Sea Travel and the Islands

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