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Horus stared strangely at the horned figure as it turned to look at him. It seemed like it was about to speak to him, but instead it averted its gaze to Gamaliel. Eyes off the camel, beast. Horus was almost suprised when the beast did finally speak. I wouldn't have guessed it could talk. It looks more monster than man, but at least its language is decent... Oh Gods, it's preaching to me. It must know nothing of the workings of the world. You can't tell a killer not to kill and expect him to listen.

Horus adjusted his stance. The damp soil squelched between his naked toes. He sighed at the horned monster clutching the mace. You speak of peace, yet you are the only one here with a weapon drawn. Besides, whoever razed Yunkel would sooner cut you to ribbons than listen to your childish views on bloodshed and death. No, blood can only be bought with blood. That is the only lesson the wicked must learn. Horus's blood was boiling now. The whole ordeal brought back unpleasant memories for him. He looked at the horned creature. It means well... He began to regret going off on one of his tirades, but he meant what he said and refused to apologize. Horus glanced around at the rest of the group and felt a cold lump in his throat as he finally realized something. I'm outnumbered. He shifted his stance nervously and adjusted his eyepatch again.
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