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Horus dug his heels deep into Gamaliel's sides, holding on for dear life as the animal sprinted up the path. Horus's silken robes flapped noisily in the wind and Gamaliel's blistering stride created an upbeat rhythm as his feet thudded against the damp ground. As they came around a bend in the path, the steed and his rider suddenly found themselves closing in on four figures travelling on foot. Horus quickly yanked the reins and Gamaliel reared back on his hind legs, braying with discontent. Horus eyed the group as he dismounted. They were a strange bunch. Two were human for certain, but there was one who looked to be some sort of furry, horned monster, and another looked as if it were made of crystal. They certainly didn't look like survivors of a village raid.

Stay here, Gamaliel. The animal caughed and spat in agreement. Horus began walking towards the party, his stride long and swift. He parted his robes as he approached them, slightly revealing the hammer and axe that hung from his hips. He called out to them. Lo, are you those who laid waste to Yunkel?
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