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Gamaliel trotted along the dirt path through the brush, Horus on his back. Brightly colored plant life surrounded them on either side. Birds chirped in the canopy and a young primate swung from long hanging vines, hooting at them from above. The path began to widen and eventually it spit the travellers out onto a white, sandy beach.

Horus brought Gamaliel to a stop and dismounted, giving the young camel a rest. Horus scanned the landscape, but found nothing. Where does this mysterious village hide, Gamaliel? I think you've lost us, my friend. Gamaliel grunted and spat. Horus patted his loyal companion gently. Its alright, we'll find our way ba-- The thick aroma of burning wood suddenly filled his nostrils, and he cursed as he noticed billows of dark smoke sprouting out from the distant horizon. I think I've found our village! Horus slung a leg over Gamaliel's back and whipped the reins, sending the camel into a full blown gallop.

After a few moments, they arrived at the source of the smoke and Horus dismounted amidst the burning ruins of the village. The horrific scene brought back painful memories for Horus, images of his massacred family still fresh in his mind. Tears rolled down his solemn visage. Gamaliel nudged a corpse with his snout and began licking the dead man's wounds. Leave him. He is gone. Horus cursed and kicked the sands. He hadn't known the people of Yunkel, but the simple fact that they had been murdered in such a way made him furious.

As he kicked the ground in anger, Horus noticed something imprinted in the sand. Multiple pairs of footprints led away from the village. One set was clearly humanoid, but the others were questionable. Horus followed the prints with his one remaining eye, and they appeared to lead to another dirt trail. Gamaliel! Horus wheeled around and whistled sharply at the animal, who bowed down obediently. He mounted and spurred the steed in the direction of the prints, setting a heavy pace in hopes of catching up to whoever had fled from the burning village of Yunkel.
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