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Horus stood beside Gamaliel on the top deck of the Osmon as the oarsmen guided her into port. Using thick ropes, a few deckhands repelled onto the dock and lashed the vessel to the mooring posts, and some others lowered a wooden gangplank.

Horus patted Gamaliel on the head and scratched under the animal's chin as it grunted in delight. Come, Gamaliel. He took the young camel's reins and led him down the gangplank and onto the docks. The port wasn't very busy; a few sailors preparing small vessels and a handful of merchants hawking various goods. Horus could feel the dock swaying with the tide underfoot. He didn't much like the feeling, and he could tell Gamaliel wasn't especially fond of it either. The camel nudged Horus with it's snout, and Horus continued along the docks to solid ground.

The wind seemed to be a constant thing near the shore. Horus' robes flapped around him as he walked, and Gamaliel's matted locks of fur swayed in the breeze. They soon happened upon a wooden sign reading "Yunkel" that pointed in the direction of a dirt path leading north. Horus recalled it as the name of the village that an old desert sage had mentioned to him. The sage had said that the residents of the village would know how to restore Horus' mottled skin. That is why he came to the islands, after all.

Horus turned to Gamaliel and whistled sharply. The camel knelt down obediently and allowed it's master to mount. Horus gently tugged the reins and the animal returned to it's feet, then began plodding slowly down the dirt path to Yunkel.
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