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Tawnik stayed with the demon, and Tawnik considered him 'practice' for humans. Talk to a demon without getting killed and M'lady would be no problem. Also, Tawnik had no interest of getting between the conversation between M'lady and Shanyne, who seemed to be making a great effort, who seemed to be doing his best to highlight her strengths, and then highlight his own, and then say how perfectly matched they were to each other, before complimenting her some more.
Humans are indeed strange creatures, Tawnik thought. I do not remember this happening to Mother or Father - perhaps, just as a bird will use his plumage to attract a mate, a human will make himself seem desirable... His thoughts trailed off as he remembered Calsylar behind him, and he turned back to him, putting the mace over his shoulder so that the demon would be sure that he was talking to him. Despite what Shayne had said, Tawnik still doubted their intelligence - in fact, Tawnik's opinion of demons was perhaps what humans thought of trolls, except there was no fear. They were bestial, either needing a human to deal with them or to be left to fend for themselves wherever they had come from.
Despite him holding his mace casually, he was almost expecting something horrible to happen, and he prepared to swing at the demon should the need arise. The demon would probably sense this, although his muscles tensing slightly would hopefully be covered by his fur, and if his fur moved at all it could be blamed on the wind. He decided to talk about what was most important at the moment, and if he could find some information out about M'lady's quest (which Shayne was already distracted from), he hoped it would increase their friendship.
"I don't suppose you know of M'lady's quest, do you?" he began, not looking back at the demon but simply staring ahead. "Or does she not trust you enough to reveal such things?" he added, with a slight smile.
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