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Shayne laughed quietly, knowing that he had not yet massacred a whole village yet. But he had little reason. Villagers liked him well enough, gave him food. He hadn't yet found a village that harbored the Cult he was hunting, and the cities were too great to take on all by himself. He had no issue with going to war, but he had little reason to war when have those fighting would be what could be allies. "Yes, but, the difference between you and me, is that you are a demon, and I am not. You had help from two others, and magic. That is far different situation from just having weapons and your own battle knowledge. However, I could smell the village as we passed it. Indeed that is impressive." His eyes glinted though. He was definitely not happy with being "beaten" by the demon. Shayne was used to being the best.

The demon's sinister grin told Shayne all he needed to know about the suggestion to throw something sharp and pointy at Sigh, and as the troll started to comply, the man started to stop him, blinking in relief as the troll caught on. "Look at his grin, Tawnik. He is merely looking for an excuse to get more blood on his teeth. But you would get more of that hunting with me, than fighting with me, Calsylar. I'm feel that if we fought, it would be an epic battle of stories, but my quest is bigger than fighting demons." He grinned at the eager creature. "Perhaps, you would walk with us to Mistress Sigh, and then allow me to talk it over with her. More company is always welcome on my hunt." Plus, it gives me another chance to talk with her. Damn, what a beauty, scar and all! He grinned at Sigh's back.
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