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Tawnik looked between the demon and Shayne as they laughed at his suggesstion, and if trolls could blush, his face would be redder than a sunset. He smiled uncomfortably as they laughed and his eyes looked first at Sigh to see if she had heard, guessing that she had judging by the sudden light shake of her hair. Her ears must have twitched or something, Tawnik thought, trying to justify why her hair had moved, having not seen her shake her head.
He then stared at the space betwen Calsylar and Shayne, although their laughter was not drowned out by his own thoughts, although he looked at his new allies again when the laughter had died down, listening to Shayne. He began to understand.
He remained silent for most of the conversation that ensued, although he gulped when the Cult of Shadows was mentioned. Despite knowing nothing about what they had done to Shayne, their name seemed threatening enough.
Tawnik debated whether Shayne was his mother's version of a human or his father's. They eased into conversation and what Tawnik thought must be friendship upon meeting, although it seemed that, upon hearing about Shayne's so called 'blood-orgies', that he had seen far worse than a scary, hairy troll.
Tawnik noticed the way Calsylar licked his lips, and it was eerily disquieting just like the laughter. Tawnik let his net, with all of his belongings, fall from his shoulder upon hearing Calsylar's suggestion. He was about to pull out his knife when he realised the demon was smiling, a dare to go ahead and try it. Tawnik almost misunderstood the smile, thinking it was like the way his father had smiled when he had woven some perfect string for him - a smile of having thought of a good idea.
"Why would you want to kill her?" he asked, speaking before he had even known what he was going to say. He did not lower his voice or change it all all, merely discussing this as regular conversation. However, he thought his next words through a bit more, selecting them carefully.
"M'lady is your msitress. You get a lot of blood up here. Surely you are thankful?"
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