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Calsylar was liking this man more and more by the minute. He was a human that was more like a demon and that was certainly something the demon of speed could relate to. As Shayne bragged, Calsylar snorted in derision. Only eight to one? The creature cracked his knuckles, looking smug. The Mistress, myself, and one other companion burned and slaughtered an entire village all by ourselves. Though the buffet afterwards was better. Nothing like warm, fresh blood in your mouth, crawling down your throat as it slowly coagulates on the way down. The demon licked a circle around his mouth as his eyes glimmered with a certain awful sentiment.

Now while I would not argue or even care about going on a "quest" that involved slaughter, bloodshed, and well... anything that results in me covered in gallons of blood with a feast at the end, my mistress is another matter. You would have to talk directly to her. And... the best way to get her attention now is to throw something sharp at her back right now while she's not in hearing range. The demon smiled his sinister, toothy grin that said "just try it, I dare you."
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