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Calsylar's eyes had widened and he had blinked for a moment before he too had burst into laughter at Tawnik's suggestion that they were Sigh's children. Good one, hairy thing. However, if Mistress Sigh heard something like that, she'd probably gut you and use your intestines as violin strings. Well... she probably wouldn't personally, but she might ask me to gut you and turn your intestines into violin strings for her to play. His grin was a wicked one, but he was a demon after all.

I am known as Calsylar and that is Barriego over there. Real boring, he is. So what quest are you chaps on? Informants and such usually mean excitement and murder and killing and blood orgies, et cetera. Perhaps you can enlighten me about your predicament. His whip-like tail flicked a little, expressing his interest in the potential of hearing about blood and everything about the spilling thereof.

Sigh, up ahead, hadn't heard why they were laughing, but had heard the laughter. That is never a good sign. Barriego continued walking by her side. I would agree, Mistress Sigh. Calsylar wasn't made for laughter. The woman sighed softly and shook her head, her dark locks waving back and forth like the waves of the sea beside their path.
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