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Shayne turned to look at the troll in surprise. He hadn't expected Tawnik to speak up. The man seemed rather shy and withdrawn, to say the least. Slightly ignorant of humans definitely. But Shayne didn't have any secrets to hide. Some of his history was painful, but his quest stirred a deep note of rage in him when he truly thought of it. Cult of the Shadows...I swear by Leosine's mane...I'll kill you when I find you, you bastards.

After a moment, when Tawnik asked where Sigh and her children were going, Shayne burst out laughing. He looked at the troll, clapping his newest comrade on the upper arm as if the troll had just made a joke, though he knew he hadn't. "Forgive him, demon. He has little knowledge of humans, though he seems to have been thrown into their culture rather suddenly." He looked over to Tawnik. "They aren't her children, Tawnik. They're summoned. Quite intelligent creatures obviously, but not children. They are both either adult size or bigger. And no human is built exactly like them. We never are glassy like the one up ahead for sure." He turned back to Calsylar.

His eyes studied the demon. "As he said though, I'm on a quest, and he's coming along now. I don't mind. I'm glad for the company."
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