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Sigh continued walking, wishing the two behind her would just go away, but as they were men, should she tell them to go away, they would undoubtedly follow her further than they already had. She sighed softly and continued.

Calsylar huffed and rolled his eyes, stomping a little bit as he walked. Barriego simply moved in his strange, stiff way as he was lacking in most of the flexibility that the others possessed. You could, perhaps, sent Calsylar back to talk with them, Mistress, if they bother you so. He could find out why they are following, I am sure. He is quite capable of being man-like. At this suggestion, Calsylar's lit up and he eagerly looked towards his summoner.

Yes, I could, Mistress Sigh! I could find it out very easily! I would enjoy nothing more than volunteering for this duty. The demon of speed nodded his flat face quickly, rubbing his hands together. Sigh herself could hardly say no to such a logical course of action. Barriego was, after all, quite an intelligent demon, looking for as neutral a solution as possible.

Go then, Calsylar, and report back to me what you find. If you can, tell them to bugger off. She shrugged and the demon stopped walking to wait for the other men as Barriego and Sigh continued on.

Calsylar waited for a moment before walking backwards for a moment before stopping again. He turned a little, smiling in a sinister way as all of his sharp teeth were showing, white needles in a white face. Well, hello there, gentlemen. How are we today? It was as good a greeting as any coming from a demon of such a sinister visage.
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