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Sigh continued on, conscious of the talking of the two men behind her. It was irritating. Mistress, are you su--

Yes, I'm sure. Come along. Calsylar shrugged his shoulders and plodded on, feeling both his misery at being unable to fight and her irritation that was exuding from her like a cloud. It had been an adequate day of bloodshed and slaughter. A whole village was reduced to ashes behind them. It didn't seem fair that he had to walk away from two lone individuals.

However, it was obvious to Sigh herself that nothing good would come from leaving two men behind her and her back wide open. She stopped walking momentarily to collect herself and uttered her command phrase for one of her lesser demons. The Abyssal portal opens. Barriego, heed my call.

Spikes of crystal flung themselves up in front of her, their shards reflecting madly in the bright light. In the middle of it was what looked like a spear of ice, but was really a six foot tall demon whom looked like a badly done walking stick figure. The spikes faded like vapors and disappated into the atmosphere as Barriego stepped towards his mistress and bowed stiffly, creaking softly as he did so.

Oh talk about boring...

Good to see you as well, Calsylar. Mistress, what would you wish of me? You know I live to serve. The walking stick to her other side, his long strides trying to adjust to Sigh's own to even it out.

I would prefer some protection should those behind seek to move forward. Thank you, Barriego. If Barriego had had a face, perhaps he would have smiled, but as it was, he was a stick from heel to head with stick arms and stick legs that swung as he walked. If anything looked less frightening that a mouse wielding a sword, it was Barriego. The light suits you. You are pleasantly startling in it.

Why thank you, Mistress. I do so enjoy the sunlight. You should request my presence more often. Calsylar made gagging noises, but continued moving. Barriego, however, shimmered in the daylight like a holiday ornament.
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