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Shayne continued to grin at the troll. Weak shake...nervous? He nodded at the short version of what happened to Tawnik, his eyes wandering over to Sigh again as he continued. At Tawnik's suggestion of following them, his grin widened, and winked at the troll. "You took the words right outta my mouth...?" He clapped the troll merrily on the bicep and started slowly to walk, obviously expecting him to come along.

Mistress Sigh....what a challenge. That companion of hers, whatever it is, is a fighter of some sort. He moved very lightly... seems to be under complete control of him though. He'd be a good fight if she lost control, or set him on me... He looked at the creature that was bigger than him. "By the by..I never caught your name. I mean, I can't very well go around calling you 'troll"
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