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He shook Shayne Lorelei, Paladin of Leosine's hand weakly and put the mace's head to the ground, holding it upright.
"Hunting party tried to kill me," he said vacantly. He had managed to stop staring at the demon and was now focussing on Shayne, although Shayne glanced at M'lady every now and then. "Swam for my life and washed up here." Tawnik couldn't believe he had touched him - not his blade or his boot but his hand. First one, then two... he thought again, although he made sure he didn't phase out.
"I don't plan on swimming back so...what say we follow her?" Tawnik asked nervously. He knew Shayne wouldn't disagree, although a repeat of the last few minutes would be more than embarassing. M'lady seemed set on something, and Tawnik knew that he would do nothing but get in the way, although they could either follow someone who seemed to know where she was going or stay here in a village that was still partially on fire.
Besides, Shayne seemed nice enough. He could teach him a few things on what and what not to say around bloodthirsty members of his opposite sex. Tawnik, however, did not want to be the first one to walk towards her, and so he waited for Shayne's thoughts.
And that demon, he thought. Why do humans have nothing better to do than dabble in affairs which don't concern them? He was thinking like his mother, and he knew eventually he would begin thinking like his father again, but still - it scared him.
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