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Shayne noted the woman's harsh reaction when the troll mention her scarred face. His grin never really slid, though his eyes certainly focused a bit more intensely. So she didn't like the scar. The large man kept an eye on the demon as the demon seemed to become more eager, looking forward to what might break into a fight. Maybe his afternoon entertainment would... no. It was indeed, as he was disappointed to see, canceled.

His bright eyes followed Sigh and the demon as they retreated. Mistress Sigh... pretty name for a woman. She keeps interesting company... Unable to tear his gaze from her, not only because of her certainly ample looks, but because of her obvious disdain for him, he barely noticed the troll talking to him. "Wha-? Oh...no...I don't know her, but do I want to!" He grinned after her, muscles twitching under the sunlight as he watched her walk away.

His voice was distracted as he answered Tawnik. "I'm on a quest, and no I'm neither a craft or tradesman. I'm..." He stopped mid-sentence. I haven't been turned down like that for years. She practically ignored me! Reminds me of Tyff. If I could find another woman as stubborn as she was...by Leosine!

Sensing the trolls eyes, Shayne looked up a little, eyes scanning over him. Deciding that right now he was much more interested in getting away to go meet the Mistress Sigh than fighting, he grinned at the troll. Might as well be polite. "Shayne Lorelei, Paladin of Leosine. What's got you in these parts?" He held out his right hand towards the troll, but his eyes strayed to look at Sigh again before focusing back on his current conversation.
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