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"I didn't know," Tawnik replied when M'lady turned her back, although she would, undoubtedly, pretend not to hear. He decided against following her - not yet, anyway. He looked at the demon as it trailed away - Tawnik knew that any beast of war did not like to retreat. He had seen that in the soldier's eyes. He had -
"Do you know M'lady?" Tawnik asked the man, continuing to stare at the demon. He couldn't help but feel a little sorry for him, and despite being saved by his mistress, it must feel terrible to have no control over one's actions. Still, the man was more important - and yet he couldn't bring himself to face him.
"What are you doing here, anyway? Surely you are not a craftsman or a tradesman," Tawnik said, mentioning two of three career choices he knew of. The tail, he thought. He kept getting distracted, and the man could be speaking right now and he wouldn't even know it. He was looking the demon over, admittedly, admiring him. He had never seen such a creature. If M'lady can confer with demons...She was not afraid of me. Although she hadn't killed me either. Perhaps Mother was...
Finally, he looked at the man, needing to look down as he was almost a foot taller than him. He was a few feet away, and he knew that if he was any closer he would seem more intimidating, and so he kept his distance. He had no intent of making himself seem bigger or badder. He just wanted to know more about humans. First one human, and then two, and then the whole race.
And then, hopefully, if he tried enough, they would want to learn about him.
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