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Sigh was irritated suddenly. First, the damn troll came along wanting to start a fight. Second, she has to call of Calsylar which always made any of the demons unruly both in their verbal capacity as well as the way they tried to buck her control as the demon of speed was doing now. She felt the connection between them humming with restless energy, like a cord stretched thin... too thin. Thirdly, here came some pretty boy who was busily trying to... impress her? And then... WHAT?! My face?! How dare he! How DARE he! The bastard troll is trying to...! Calm, Sigh, calm. He's just an ignorant troll. Stupid really. Stupid, ignorant, mentally retarded troll. Just a troll. Really. That's right. Deep breath. No need to spill the blood of a complete and utter imbecile. Yes, I can handle it now.

Her blue eyes turned frosty as she regarded the troll without even looking at the man. Her voice, which was relatively sedate and unemotional until this point, seemed to gain a certain... something, perhaps a bit of restrained irritation or anger. If the something upon my face appears to be blotched marks of a pinkish color, then it is my flesh, if you don't mind. It is simply a burn scar. It will not go away and, at this point, to be vain about it is, frankly, pointless. Please do not point it out again so blatantly if you'd like to keep your tongue in your face. Thank you. Her face never changed from its neutral, calm facade as she spoke.

Calsylar's tail lashed as he looked from the human man to the troll and back to his mistress. He was eager now that he heard the anger in her voice. He begged her with every line of his body to let him attack the thing that had offended her so. He begged, with his red tongue that swept across his teeth, to sink his fangs into the tall creature so that he may feast upon his flesh. Sigh looked to her demon and something unreadable passed between them, across the summoning connection. Calsylar huffed out loudly and settled back into his regular stance as his tail quit its fidgetting. With that interruption settled, the woman turned her glance to the other man.

The other man was quite the definition thereof. Sculpted and pleasant to the eye, he nevertheless boasted something cruel in the way he held himself. Pride, undoubtedly. Confidence. Ugh. Probably a mix of lust. As if I haven't seen that enough! Calm, Sigh, calm. He's just another moron. She blinked her eyes once in his direction, simply to clear her eyes. There is nothing going on here. The troll was thirsting for a fight, but changed his mind. I allowed it and now I am going on my way. Good day. Come, Calsylar. She began walking in the direction she had been going before the interruption, her pivot had been precise and a beautiful twirl that spun her skirt very little.

As you wish, Mistress Sigh. The demon was a step behind her, sighing heavily himself with disappointment written in every line of his muscles as they hung slack. His feet scraped in the dirt as he dragged them.
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