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"I -" Tawnik began, about to explain himself before the man set upon the scene. Tawnik decided to continue again before he lost courage and fainted. "I didn't draw my weapon. I always hold it." He scratched at the horn with the cut and found more sand there, also discovering that his hands were shaking slightly. He licked his top lip unconciously, unable to reach the bottom one without looking stupid, and glanced at the man.
He didn't seem to want to start a fight, although he seemed over-enthusiastic to get talking with the lady. It seemed he knew her name, as well. He had called her 'm'lady'. the demon had called her something else, although siding with a human's point of view seemed much more viable - almost natural.
He decided to tell her about the blotches on her face - no one seemed to have noticed them and he was worried that they were harmful or contagious.
"You have some...something on your face," he gulped, before adding, "m'lady," worriedly. He shifted his feet in the sand unconfidently and began looking at the space between the demon and the lady again again. Clearly, he was not as versed in the art of 'manners' as the newcomer was.
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