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His long, swinging stride carried him quickly closer to the...not-so-impending battle. The troll seemed, nervous and submissive to say the least, and the other creatures look of shock when the woman spoke, said that the lady was in control. The man grinned as the creature looked at him, and as the lady looked at him, his grin widened, and he winked at her, the scars on his torso shining a slightly different color in the sunlight. His eyes scanned over her quickly, noting the scars on her cheek, and this only made him smile more. A fighting woman then...or at least, she's been through rough times. Shows strength. Oh the wonders you can find in the wild...

His eyes left her as he felt the eyes of the other...creature on him. The way the strange looking thing was looking at him made him feel a little like he had when his fighting teachers had been looking over him as he grew. "Is he worth fighting with?" always seemed to be hidden in that look. He stared back at Calsylar, his own eyes appraising the demon, but he wasn't looking for a fight at the moment. He was looking for entertainment.

Before too many more moments had passed, the bulky man was within hearing range, and he ignored the two male's in the area, whom he found very unattractive, and though the strange creature that was looking over him looked worthy of a fight, his blood lust wasn't uncontrollable. There was a woman around, and she did seem to be the one who stopped the fight. Maybe she didn't like blood?

"Good day, friends, m'lady." He smiled at her, nodding with a friendly, relaxed air at the two others, and dipping slightly into a bow for Sigh. With a grin, he spoke. "Though it does seem like the idea I had for my midday entertainment has decided to be canceled. May I ask what's goin' on?" He had a way of talking that just made him very friendly, and his relaxed posture made him look trusting. But at the same time, his relaxed pose made him ready to move quickly if needed, and there was a hint in his smile that said he was just as quick to let the smile turn to a snarl if his mood became something other than happy.

Bright blue eyes shone with intelligence, and he looked over the three people. The woman, with her scar and her...disdainful attitude. The strange creature, eager, and wanting something, a fight? And the troll...who seemed rather scared. Strange group.
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