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Tawnik's ears twitched as the demon crouched, and his eyes widened as the woman made no action to try and stop him. He looked between them again, noticing the monster's huge, maniacal grin. He frowned, not in anger but in thought, wondering who this woman was. And what she was doing here. Talk would handle this, he thought, although he kept his mace in hand in case Calisar or something tried anything.
"Call your beast off me," he said, sounding more pathetic than ever. He didn't want to say the demon's name in case he got it wrong and that smile was suddenly embedded in his stomach. "I mean you no harm," Tawnik continued, although he gripped the mace tighter - no doubt the demon noticed this although it was hard to see where its eyes were staring.
This would solve more than a fight would, however. He tried to look at the woman's eyes, although he found his own staring at the blotches on the left of her face.
Maybe she isn't human, he thought suddenly - he didn't know any human with blotches like that - maybe the possession had done that to her. He was looking for an excuse to kill her, although he couldn't - refused to. Why are you so weak? he asked himself, and he stared between the demon and the woman, simply looking at what he would never see again.
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