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Pheena was only thinking about her immediate needs instead of, like Fyra, those needs for later. She began to chop up pieces of this and that for Koro's use though she was probably less accurate in her sizings. Mixed pieces of sausages and vegetables and cheese got strewn all over the counter where she worked. At the rate she was working, they would all be having identical omelettes save for the large chunk of this or that.

As Koro reentered the kitchen, Pheena sidled up to him, skillet in hand. Oh Kooooooro! Time to work your magic! I'm very hungry! The half elven thief held out the skillet for him to take from her, other kitchen utensils standing at the ready on the counter. Oh! And I chopped up your ingredients for you so you can be faster. She smiled brightly, assured by her own confidence that she had done a great deed and sped up their impromptu chef immensely.
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