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Shayne grumbled as he trudged along the beach. "When I find that son of a snake that gave me wrong information, I'll slaughter the bastard." He scowled, his temper rising as the hot sun shined down on the beach. His armor hung from his claymore, which was slung on his back, the only thing keeping it in place the thick leather strap across his chest.

The man paused as he stepped forward. He could smell burned flesh and wood on the air, and he could see smoke up to the side. In the distance, he saw two figures, one bigger than the other, and a smaller figure to the side. Immediately, he could see the impending battle. Could be fun. Shrugging, he continued on, walking up towards the group without trying to hide. He left his hands away from his weapons. He didn't want to fight. At least, not yet. Watching some entertainment would be fun first.

As he got closer, he smiled broadly, a boyish grin. The bystander was a woman. He was still somewhat far away, but an extra bounce came into his step, and he stood a little straighter, shoulders back, purposely flexing just a little extra as he walked. Lady, lady, here I come.
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