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Tawnik wasn't really hiding his actions from the demon whom was nearly giggling with the absurdity of trying to sneak up on anyone at all. The tightening grip on the handle on the mace squeaked softly, his heavy footsteps on the dirty path, and the change of his steps in it which betrayed his intentions.

It thinks its sneaking up on us, Mistress Sigh! May I play with it? Sigh rolled her eyes at the demon's clearly seen eagerness. The woman waved her hand at the demon who took only a moment to wheel around and look at the troll.

His white face split apart in a sharp toothed grin and he displayed his sharp fingers as he sunk into a fighter's crouch that seemed more animalistic than anything else, like a cat about to pounce. Greetings, mortal. Fancy meeting such a large beastie as you here. Want to dance with me? I am quite light on my feet.

Sigh turned much more slowly and her bored eyes traced Tawnik from head to toe. He doesn't look like much, Calsylar. Did you want company?

The demon's eyes widened, scandalized. Tis but a troll and very thick indeed. He'd make a nice steak, don't you think? The woman shrugged and stepped to the side of the road, crossing her arms to wait until the confrontation passed.
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