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Tawnik neared the unlikely duo, watching as the monster's feet dug into the soft, white sand. He saw the human's elegant figure although cared nothing for it - what mattered was the thing next to her. Can she see it? he thought, looking attentively between the two. She's talking to it... He was about to utter this out loud although thought it unwise due to his distance from them.
Tawnik had no idea what to do with them. He was on an island he wasn't familiar with following two murderers, one of which wasn't human. He looked at the mace in his right hand and walked behind them as softly as he could.
The monster had probably already spotted him, and as he followed him and his 'mistress' it became clear that she had summoned him. He noticed somthing on her face -it was a dark pink and he had no idea what it was - he wondered if her spawn had done it. He decided to protect the human, and he hefted his mace in both hands.
How do you kill something like that? he thought, and he knew that he must help the human. If he gained her trust, maybe they wouldn't be afraid anymore.
Maybe they would finally learn.
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