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Sigh and Calsylar were not aware of the troll following them some ways back nor had they noticed him washing up on shore. It was a nice day for a leisurely stroll and Sigh had chosen her pace. The path itself was simply packed dirt and easy to follow as it wove around palm trees and slowly curved its way away from the beach and the dead land that they had made of Yunkel.

The human woman looked at the demon striding silently beside her, admiring his sleek design, all angles and sharp things. He was a wonderful creation, such was Calsylar. She enjoyed looking at him far more than the rest because he was simply interesting. He, however, didn't much care for the attention and went on silently ignoring the stares.

Calsylar, have you ever wondered what it would be like if you had been born human? It was conversation, meager at best, but conversation nevertheless.

No, Mistress Sigh. But I can guess that it would be boring. He shrugged his white and brown shoulders, uncaring.

Oh, I see.


Awkward... Like usual. I should just not talk to demons. At least Orikuna is more chatty even if it can't walk with me.

Disappointed, Mistress? His flat white face met her stare and she shook her head.

No. I suspected as much. I--

I think I smell something behind us.

Well, if it gets nearer, let's see what it is and then we can dispatch it if necessary. The woman shrugged, uncaring.

Indeed, Mistress Sigh. As you wish. Calsylar figured he could use some more exercise regardless of the walking to be done and the workout earlier.
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