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Tawnik washed up onto the beach, panting. He had only come into conciousness again a few seconds ago, as the swim here had been tiring. They had been hunting for him again, and he was afraid that they would send ships out. Hopefully they would capture him alive - maybe then he could show them that trolls were not monsters. And yet he had swam, knowing they would kill him.
Brutal... he thought, although he knew what he was thinking was false. they're only human. His horns dug into the sand, as he had been floating face up, backwards, and he wondered where he was. He looked down at his feet as they floated on the water, and then pushed himself up. Sand fell onto his face off his horns and he scraped at the cut to get a clump of sand out.
He looked at the island, the burning buildings, and his eys scanned frantically for survivors. He checked house after house and found only gruesome deaths. The bodies had been burnt, eaten, mauled, broken - had he done this?
All he remembered was darkness. He could have done anything. He looked for gore marks on all of the bodies, although found none. He licked his teeth while doing this, looking for bits of human, and he found that they were as clean as usual.
And then - footprints. The sand confirmed his guilt was in vain as a pair of small footprints, and a strange footprint next to them. They dug into the sand as if they were metal, and their points worried him.
Surivors? he thought, although one look at the claws made him know it was the culprits' footprints - both of them.
"Please be human," he said in a gruff, although strangely youthful voice. Although he looked down at the mace and knew he wouldn;t be able to kill them even if they weren't.
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