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The village of Yunkel was a peaceful village on the peninsula of Camarra that juts out into the Indigo Sea, so named because of the depth of its steady blue color. Yunkel itself was a fishing village that specialized in catching a fish known as the White Angel which is a large but quick moving fish of the cartilaginous category. Yunkel was by no means a booming port city nor a famished, deserted village, but was peaceful, pleasant, and generally home to the 15 or so families that lived there. Most of the villagers knew only of fishing or of seafaring though a few were seamstresses, cobblers, shepherds, farmers, and the like. The temperatures were always pleasant all year round, slightly warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter, but no snow fell and cool breezes off the sea kept the temperature from being sweltering the other parts of the year. The sandy beaches were full of white sand that was nearly blinding if one didn't wear one of their circular, woven hats. Palm trees, fruit trees, and berry bushes were common so that the villagers of Yunkel never went in want of anything other than the occassional foreign trinket from the mainland.

Yunkel on this day, however, was burning. The streets had been narrow so the fire had spread quickly, the cool breezes had fanned each flame to the next hut made out of dried wood that crisped and crackled faster than your average campfire on the mainland. The perfectly clear skies held no rain clouds in its arms and, apparently, no rescue for the villagers whose near idyllic lives were coming to an end more quickly than they had begun.

Sigh Memnemik wiped her rapier on a victim that Calsylar had skewered. A few dots of blood had splayed across her cheek with one of her more forceful thrusts. Her rapier cleaner than only a few moments ago, she sheathed in a fluid motion and brought the edge of her cloak up to wipe her face. It was road worn anyway.

What a waste. She let out her breath in a long sigh, her eyes never softening nor hardening by what she had witnessed, what she had ordered done.

Mistress Sigh, it was fun. You made the right decision. I guarantee it. This little town was simply... boring. We made it much better. It was sliced and diced just riiight. Calsylar smiled with his jagged, sharp teeth in his flat, white face. He licked the red bits on his sharp, thin fingers with his long, thin tongue which was startling red within his complexion.

Go ahead and have your fill with what remains if you'd like. This village was miles from anyone anywhere so no one will notice. At least, not for a while. Her voice remained flat, desensitized as it always was which demonstrated her utmost control... or simply her true desensitized condition in the midst of such a gruesome display of violence. The demon rubbed his hands together, gobbits flying this way and that to spatter at her feet, with eagerness.

You are too kind, Mistress. Too kind, indeed. I worship the ground you walk on. Your enemies are my enemies. Your causes are my--

Oh just go already. She was annoyed with his excessive... excessivenesses. The Demonologist crossed her arms, smelling burned wood, blood, and charred flesh. Sylvana came out of one of the huts with a pleased smile, her rolling feminine gait would have been appealing to any man had she been anything but a demon. She ran her bloody hands down her body, leaving streaks of crimson down her transparent clothing. The female demon sighed with ecstasy, rolling her white irised black eyes back in her head for a moment.

I could let you have firsts, Mistress Sigh, if you would only tell me so. It was sooooo pleasing. He was panting with such force and then I bit him in the jugular and ripped out his voicebox with my teeth so he couldn't scream. Sylvana's eyelids fluttered with pleasure in the remembrance before she returned to normal, her blood ringed mouth coming to a slight pout. Of course, then he went limp and couldn't finish the job, but I was more than happy to have a snack after such light exercise. She smiled grimly again.

I have told you again and again, Sylvana--

Yes, yes! Don't tell the Mistress about your exploits because she doesn't care and doesn't want to hear about them! But Mistress! You never take your time enjoying the worldly pleasures such as that and I figure that you don't want to because you never have done so! The demon's mouth rounded into a little O as she blinked prettily.

Eat or wash up. I am done here. Sigh blinked stoically at her only feminine demon who frowned more deeply as the moments of silence passed between them. The Demonologist mentally held the compulsion tightly to keep control as Sylvana bucked it more commonly than the others. The demon stamped her three-toed foot and stalked off to find Calsylar and eat. The two of them enjoyed the kill and the buffet afterwards if they hadn't roasted everything in sight.

Sigh herself simply looked at the burned town and the bodies scattered here and there where people had tried to run and escape or fight back the demons when they realized what was happening. As for the woman herself, she had only killed three men while they were distracted by the fires and didn't notice her coming up from behind. It was a sense of power that she felt when she took a life. It felt good to have that power which she supposed that she might share with her father, Memnemik of the Red Tower. It was for her father that she let the one girl child escape the devastation to report the attack to the neighboring villages so that way her father was bound to hear about her daring and her abilities. It had been large enough to pose a problem, but apparently not as large or as skilled as she thought. If part of her had felt remorse about it, perhaps that part of her had died.

Here I am, father. I am proving my power again. Send me at least a sign that you have heard of what I have done. The woman scratched at her cheek, feeling the thickened part of her burned scar. Blemished, oh well. Nothing could be done about that and she wasn't the type to waste good magic on Illusion. She looked out upon the sea and smiled a little, watching dolphins play, splashing and jumping.

Would you like me to roast you a jumping fish, Mistress. Sigh rolled her eyes and turned to face Sylvana.

No. Dismissed.

But--! The demon disappeared with her mouth hanging agape even as Calsylar sidled up beside Sigh with a soft chuckle. The black swirling smoke was the only evidence that Sylvana had been there at all and even that too faded.

I am to be your escort for now, Mistress? He placed a hand to his chest and bowed slightly with a roguish grin.

Wash up and yes. It took only a matter of moments for the demon of speed to wash himself of blood and return to her. Together they walked off leisurely without talking, leaving the village far behind them and turning on a path along the coast.
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