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Erzebet could feel Feldis in her head. He was pressing her forward. “Interesting play my child. When are you going to break the news to her that you still intend to profane the temples and bring about my reckoning I wonder. I will put up with this for a time… just to see how it goes.” Erzebet pushed her surge of relief aside before speaking. There is more than one way to show people a God’s power, Claws. I trust that maybe one day you will understand what I need to do. However, to the task at hand… Yes I believe a descent amount of charity work could be done. It would be best if I worked in the dark as some may find my powers disturbing, for the rest of what I need to use my powers I will rely on Raichek. She looked at claws trying to reason out how much she could help her establish this new plan.

Do you think you can find me enough people to cure of poison or sickness to make you wealthy? What would you do with this wealth? Perhaps it could be just as easy as that. Feldis laughed in her head. She hoped that Claw’s would answer but figured she would remain silent. Not wanting to break her positive momentum. Erzebet glanced over at Raichek seeing the orcs rageful heart rhythm. Raichek bring me a passed out drunk from the bar… As Claws was so kind to show me her skills, now I shall show her my power. Feldis railed in her mind, “Yes show her what a monster you have become.”
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