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Expertise is not needed. I feel like we have gotten off on the wrong foot. So, I choose to make profit my first goal. Erzebet sat back in her chair, feeling Raichek’s hand weight on her shoulder. She knew she was reaching but she couldn’t keep having Raichek take what they needed, eventually that would call too much attention to them. Eventually, they will come for you anyway. No sense in starting that early. I have the ability to heal poisons and diseases. I propose that we set up shop here. I can see the toxin running in your veins, which I assume to be alcohol. I could take it from you and give it to another. I saw the sickness in the bar maid too, likewise I could take it from her and give it to someone else. To that end, I wish to create a contract with you. Find me people. Raichek will work finding people too. Sick people… poisoned people and bring them to me. For coin I will heal them. This coin will sustain our operation first, and line your pocket next. When we have carved out enough here you will help me get what I seek. What I seek in this town is a true believer of Randatis the Mighty. Erzebet made sure when she said sick and poisoned people that she used a subtle hand gesture to hopefully convey to Claws that she really didn’t care how they got that way. Also hoping Raichek did not catch on to her meaning.

If you are satisfied, I hope to continue this mission of mercy to other places. Profits going to you, and it those other places all I need is similar consessions. Erzebet’s tried not to falter as she placed this last gamble on the table. If this doesn’t work, we will have to leave. And then figure out a way to kill her. Feldis spoke to her, “Child this mission I provide to you is not to be undertaken at your leisure!”

I know my lord, but you have provided me with protection and muscle. But Raichek is a simple tool, he is not useful for the finer points of your mission. I need someone I can trust to help me plan. She sat forward in her chair gazing into Claw’s eyes trying to convey how deadly serious she was about this plan. Feldis chided, "We shall see... if your progress lags too much... You SHALL be punished."
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