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Though a wary eye was kept upon Raichek, she mostly ignored him. He was muscle, moving only upon the whim of his employer that he seemed so worshipful of. Who would have thought that an orc could be remotely gentle, but the way he had guided the woman in, and the way that his enormous paw had settled so very neatly upon her shoulder... it was surprising. But her ears flicked away her surprise away. She focused, eyes narrowing in slight displeasure. A job that was such a large risk of getting caught, and yet the spoils were soley dependent upon her own resourcefulness was not ideal. Though not particularly religious herself, she disliked the idea of defiling temples and religious grounds. There was still enough superstition within her to be wary of such a thing.

She watched, nose wrinkling slightly as Red revealed her face fully. Claws didn't find the woman all that impressive. What sort of power did she harness to keep the large orc in check? What had she done to earn his .... devoted service? She flicked her ears once again and looked at her claws slightly nonchalantly at the former healer's question. "I know enough." She blinked, pupils dilating as she focused her gaze more fully upon Red. "But I am not an expert when it comes to poisons. Such is the assassin's way, not a bounty-hunters."

Her short tail flicked behind her, tapping against her leg in a rhythmic pattern, and with that movement, allowing the rest of her to be still. "What do you need poison for?"
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