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As Raichek guided Erzebet to the back room and sat her down Feldis laughed inside her head while she wondered how she could do what she needed to do. When Raichek sat her down she returned to now and considered what she needed to say.

The spoils depend on your resourcefulness. Erzebet’s mind began to assemble a plan. She got angry with herself for her short sighted honesty. She felt Feldis smug in her mind. She glanced around the room and saw no one else there. So she settled her blind fold around her neck so Claws could see her full face. Feldis spoke to her, “I await how you will snare this one after your earnest introduction.”

I will appeal to her material nature. Once I sate her desires hopefully her greed will compel her to follow me. And in that following I shall accomplish my true goals.

“And all the while you have to pretend to be the orc god of mercy made flesh.”

Yes and that too… She heard Feldis chuckle inside her mind.

What do you know of poisons?
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