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For a moment, at Raichek's obvious threat, something glinted in Claw's burning eyes, ears tilting at an angle that said in body language alone 'Watch me.'. Moments later, however, she simple smirked smugly as Erzebet, for whatever reason the blind woman had, told him that they would leave her be. In a fashion that told Claws that they would simply go and steal and kill more. What were these pair, that they wandered the countryside stealing gold? How had they not become outlaws already, with a constable after them? Had they attacked bandits, and thus avoided the law? Even more so, she began to wonder of the intelligence of the red-head. Even though the bustle of the tavern had warily returned, this was no place to admit that they were stealing money from those "unworthy of mercy". They were in a city now, where there were ears to inform the guards everywhere.

And then Erzebet continued to speak, telling a tale that was... fairly boring at first. Some religious sisterhood in the Hiskr Mountains... healers. A catastrophe. How expected. Like a bard's tale played out time and time again. And Red here was the heroine, the Chosen of some god, embarking upon her quest. 'With such an odd choice of companions. But at least he's so stupid he won't question her.' But then she spoke of the pilgrimage and defiling them at the behest of her god, who was of course, the one and only god, the rest were only false. She hid the want to flatten her ears and raise her hand to her chest, where once had sat a symbol of one of her own gods. Was Red so foolish as to challenge others' religions? That was something that people started wars over, that would split the country if she played it right.

And then the profits for everyone would be less if there was a religious war going on.

But Red seemed quite sincere in her words, and Claws just stared at her, for a moment after she finished speaking. Her clawed hand had stopped moving across her companions shoulder and through his fur for several moments when she moved, lightning quick. He let out a weak snarl as her claws dug into his neck, hand around his throat, and twisting him to look up at her. Tabby ears flat in distress, he struggled for a moment as she snarled quietly at him. "You've heard nothing. You know what happens if a word spills from your lips." His ears flattened more as she physically pushed him from the chair, allowing him to stumble away visibly unharmed. Underneath the fur, her claws had pricked his skin, just barely. The tabby bolted for the door as swiftly as his paws would carry him to ensure his chance at survival. Claws moved, leaning forward onto the table and hissing. "Are you as stupid as your brutish thug, Red? You don't speak like that in the middle of a crowd!"

Her mind raced. Perhaps Red had done it intentionally, to force her into a situation where she either had to help or be killed, because now she knew their goals. Ears turning sideways slightly, she shifted, letting her paws drop to the floor and barking to the barkeep. "I need your back room, Billy. Got a job to hash out." The barkeep nodded, jerking a finger towards the door that was not far from the bar, and growling about it being unlocked. She looked back to Red and the Brute. "Come on then." A glance at Raichek kept her from physically dragging Red into the back room. Instead, she left her goblet behind, her want to be drunk completely gone as she stepped gracefully over to the door and opened it, tail flicking impatiently for her possible employer.

Once inside the room, she looked around, but it was fairly sparse, with no places to hide, really. A table sat in the center of the room, with wooden chairs around it. She waited for Red and Brute to enter, and for Red to sit before she found herself a perch on the back of a chair once again. "You're mad, I swear, talking like that in the middle of a tavern. Do you want to have peope coming after you? It was clearly a rhetorical question. "What sort of spoils are we talking here, anyhow?"


Outside the tavern, Theo, the tabby, leaned against a wall in the alleyway, eyes wide as his mind went over what he just heard. False gods?! His hand reflexively went up to the necklace he wore, with the symbol of one of the hiskr gods upon it. How dare they insult the gods in such a manner! Taking a deep breath, the tabby slid into the shadows, moving towards the slums, where he knew the streets and would find safer shadows, and where he would be lost among so many other hiskrs of similar color that the brutish orc and the blind, red-head would have trouble finding him.
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