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Raichek, the world is full of those unworthy of mercy whose money is ours for the taking. If she chooses she can take that coin and leave we will not stop her. Erzebet said in answer to Raichek’s non-veiled threat. She soon saw the Hiskr sit upon the table and turn her attention away to the other Hiskr she had seen controlled by her earlier. The male Hiskr brought something to Claws that she assumed was a drink.

She examined her blood, the toxin in her system is most likely alcohol and she does not appear to be sick… that is too bad. More leverage than the promise of wealth would be better to begin this endeavor. Feldis interrupted her thoughts, “My child just because she isn’t actually sick does not mean you couldn’t draw off the disease of another and poison her with it. I have given you a million tools to use. You need to stop thinking like a child, you are my vessel.” If it comes to the my lord, if it comes to that. Erzebet waited patiently for Claw's attention to return to her. The whole time feeling the pressure of Raichek’s rage in the room and seeing the change in his veins. She was suddenly concerned if she needed to send him away before the fight continued. Why had Feldis forced them to fight? “Why question a god?” Feldis replied to her thought.

Claws, I will tell you a short story that will end with you joining us, or with you walking away with the coins you already have. Deep in the Hiskr Mountains there used to be a hermitage of healers. I was one member of its reclusive sisterhood. A catastrophe befell my sisters, but I was saved by a boon from a god. I became its vessel and was charged with a quest. I am to embark on a pilgrimage to all the sacred sites of the five… She looked around carefully to make sure no one was listening. I will have to get Raichek to kill her play toy after I say this most likely And defile them. The sham deities have enraged the holy power that I am vessel to and the worship of false gods MUST END. As I said previously, neither Raichek nor I have any use for the spoils of our quest and there are certain to be riches at these holy sites, take them, profane them… I care not. I must do a thing at each site, which I will speak of if you would continue to listen. Erzebet thought, well if she is not on board with that she knows too much. Shouldn’t be too hard to slip some plague into her cup sometime in the future. “That’s my girl.” Feldis cooed.
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