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The orc was... distressed. Hmm... The word wasn't strong enough. Upset. No. Angry. No Whatever word flicked across his mind did not sum up his feelings to its entirety. His goddess had been wounded in such a way that she had had to heal herself! The kitty who had done such a thing had taken the bag of clinkies as her prize and then said that she had to be convinced to come along. Even though she had taken the bag of clinkies! He got the clinkies for Raglar! The kitty bitch was a small handful of cowardly fluff who ran instead of fought and held hostages instead of... fought. Her head was an upside-down turnip and she smelled so perfumed that he was sure that she was trying to cover up a shit smell of cat musk. Her scarves made her look like she had things to hide, but how they were arranged made her look like one of those balcony whores that hung out over the part of the street he and Raglar had walked through on the way here.

Raglar's tug on his arm only served to have him stand closer to her. He would not sit. Not for anything. Not even for Raglar. Not when shitty kitty was was looking at him with her smug mug. The male cat she had been rubbing came at her beck like a female. It must be gelded. It sickened him. While Raichek's eyes stayed on the kitty, his head subtly turned and spat on the floor, keeping it clear of Raglar's perfection. His fists clenched, the leathery sound of his palms squeezing was audible enough to have everyone even remotely nearby watching him cautiously. He wanted to snap the male's neck to prove to the female that he was larger, scarier, and stronger. It would do the gelded male a world of good to die. How could a male live in such servitude?

Perhaps you will be relieved of the bag you took if you do not... His voice was a low rumble followed closely by an animal growl, burbling in the back of his throat. He trusted the shitty kitty not at all. His threats were veiled not at all either.
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