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One ear flicked as she realized her claw had pierced skin. Humans and their kin were so fragile... It was a good thing she had tougher skin, and that her lovers did as well. Erzebet's voice drifted to her. She kept her agitated look though, fur slightly fluffed even as it was explained that the gold they gained would mainly be going to her. Mentally, she was taking notes. Red hair, red eyes, red... red red... An albino, perhaps? Or would albino's have pink eyes over red? That didn't matter very much. The woman licked over the blood on her shoulder, and muttered, and the skin sealed back into place.

Confusion, and curiosity made its way past her anger. An odd pair, a human and an orc. Particularly such a small, delicate being paired with such a brute. And the brute was a loyal, obedient thing... to the human. Perhaps they were lovers. Mates? Ugh. What a disgusting thought. Hopefully the first orc-babe would kill the red-head. The hiskr loved the sensual pleasures of the bedroom, but even she had her lines. Orcs were something she never touched. Orange eyes watched Erzebet flail her way into a chair, and tug at the orc to sit as well before she moved, kicking a chair into place. Rather than sit on the chair, she sat one the table, and put her feet on the chair.

"Fine, Red. Speak. Perhaps I will take the job you offer. Perhaps not." Gradually, the bar was calming now, and resetting as barmaid and men alike reset their seats and tables, what ones weren't broken. Claws looked to the barkeep and nodded in promise of recompense for the damages caused... Even if she had to drag it from the pale woman's skin, and the orc's tougher hide, she would. Silently, one hand beckoned, and the tabby she had been stroking in the beginning padded to her side. He settled onto the chair, and she put her feet in his lap and began to run her fingers through his fur again.

Her eyes scanned from person to person, tail still twitching with agitation, and then, as the other hiskr who had been fawning over tentatively approached, he held out a goblet of wine. A soft rumble came from Claws, a purr of appreciation, even as she returned her attention fully to Erzebet, goblet in hand.
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