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Reputations may be pure bravado, our mission requires skill. I did not want a braggart’s corpse on my conscious. As to why you should sit and listen, that is because mercenaries work for money. And that was half our coin… the other half is yours if you help us. Further, we have no use for coin other than to sustain ourselves. The spoils of our toils will be mostly yours. She said quiet enough for just her and Claws to hear. Erzebet turned to face Claws, looking her directly in her eyes. Through her lace blind fold Claws was close enough to see the deep thrumming of the solid crimson pools Erzebet had for eyes. Erzebet looked over to her bleeding shoulder and said in a whisper, A vér az élet, and licked her bloody shoulder. At this distance Claws could unmistakably see her wound was completely healed as if she had never inflicted one.

Erzebet put out an arm flailing around until she caught hold of Raichek’s arm and floundered around blindly for her chair. She sat down once again taking special care to do it with much apparent pain and ado. She fumbled around for her water and took a drink. She gave a soft cough and tried to pull Raichek to a seat that she was sure was there, because she saw its previous tenant run for the hills as the orc began his assault. Feldis spoke up, “You have done well my child.” Thank you my lord. She thought as her breast swelled with pride. Will you sit and hear our proposal?
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