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Her eyes narrowed as the woman she was currently threatening began to clap. With a deep breath, she took in the scent of the woman. She smelled of travel, of blood and dirt and grime... and fear. The sour scent made her nose wrinkle and her teeth bare slightly. And her words made her ears pin further down and her tail lash behind her. Still she did not believe that she was Claws, or at least, not the Claws. An audible snarl, the sound beastial and primal, ripped from her chest even as Raichek was told to stand down and pay her half the coin. Cautiously, the knife slid away from the pale red-head's throat, as Raichek slid his weapons away and proceeded to rip a man's shirt off for another bag, dumping half the coins into it. That was a lot of money, and it was not coppers. She couldn't help the slight widening of shock to her eyes.

Eying the bag of coins, she moved swiftly once again, sliding the knife away, but replacing the threat to Erzebet's throat with clawed fingers tracing over her skin briefly. "Let's get one thing clear, you furless bag of rot. I am the only Claws anyone seeks here. I am the only Claws that anyone should be hiring." Her voice lowered slightly, ears still flattened in displeasure. "And I have that reputation for a reason. Part of it is because I do not have the time to waste fighting brainless brawn in some ill conceived test because you don't have the care to actually get a description of the person you are seeking!" Her claws dug slightly into Erzebet's shoulder before her fingers removed completely, and she snatched up the large amount of money, fidgeting into her scarves to create a sling for it to sit in for the moment.

Ears lifting slightly, she eyed Raichek briefly, impressed only by his size and strength but by little else. Returning to look at the Erzebet, she snapped. "Now convince me why I should stay to listen to the whole of your proposal." She stepped back slightly, but remained within an arm's length of the other woman, still planning to use her as a shield once more if the orc turned hostile once again. One hand rested on her hip, and her tail continued to flick behind her, obviously irritated.
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