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Raglar clapped her pale hands together, her voice jubilant as she exclaimed in a happiness that caused Raichek's stance to become confused. His face wrinkled, easily read as a mixture of concern and confusion. Had the Mother of Mercy lost her senses? The kitty was holding a blade to her neck and she had yet to prove herself by even striking one measly blow against him. Why is she happy? She didn't even try to hit me other than flip her little poker and a cup at me. Why would we hire a kitty that doesn't hit? The wheels in his head were obviously turning full tilt as he slowly backed down, hesitant, his stance still a mess with lopsided shoulders and arms halfway bent, his legs unbalanced. Maybe... she is... being merciful? Saving her... from me? But why her...? She let me kill the merchant and his guards for the coin. This must be her plan...? To do... what needs doing?

The orc straightened as he studied Raglar's pale human-disguised features, the soft curl of her violently red hair and her eyes kept secret and safe under the mask of lace. He could not read her thoughts, he realized. Raichek smoothly slid his weapons into their sheaths, straightening himself, trusting in Raglar's divine plan. It would be alright. It had to he alright. Raglar would see her own future as any goddess could. She would not die here. She knew that. He should trust her. He would trust her. As you wish, Raglar. Your will is my command.

One of the patrons stood too near and he simply ripped the man's shirt from his shoulders. The man yelled as he reeled, arms flailing as the majority of the sleeves and back of his shirt still clung to him while the front of it was tucked neatly in Raichek's fist. The orc took the coin bags he had set out and put the smaller one in the middle of the shirt material and dumped out about half of the other bag into the shirt. The orc's thick fingers awkwardly tied up the bundle and pushed it towards the kitty who held the knife to Raglar's throat. Of course, while he had dumped the coin, the silvers and golds had shown plainly and plentifully among the coppers. He, however, scooped up the remaining coins in their coinpurse and slid them back behind his armor. It is as you have commanded, Raglar. The orc's nose flared in distaste as he scowled at the kitty. It was in her paws now to release the goddess and take the coins as was offered. He figured the coward would just run away like she had before. So he waited. Impatiently.
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