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As Claws rounded through the patrons of the inn Erzebet couldn’t really keep track of her as her blood system mingled with everyone else’s in the inn. To add to this her speed was barely trackable to Erzebet’s untrained eye. She was a healer not a warrior. Why, Feldis? She thought as it dawned on her that she could no longer track Claws nor Raichek amidst the mass of veins and arteries going everywhere. She noticed Claws pop up behind her far too late for her to do anything about it. Such speed and cunning, truly what Raichek lacks. Then she felt the blade to her neck. Feldis boomed inside her head, cackling with deafening volume, “Now talk yourself free my child. So you can understand the true lesson.” And then he continued to cackle. Why? Her mind stopped its line of self pitty as she gathered up her wits. She heard Raichek curse and Claws say something but she was too wrapped up in her own head when it happened to understand either of them. She would have to improvise.

Tentatively at first, and then with increasing enthusiasm, Erzebet clapped. And then started, Marvelous! Such speed… Raichek while I am not certain this is the Claws you sought. I am certain that this is the Claws we should hire. Erzebet’s legs were getting weak from a combination of fear and the never ending cackling pound holes through her consciousness. She knew she would have to convince Claws to let her go soon or she may collapse, which she surmised the Hiskarin would take as an attack and would slit her throat and she would die. Just then she mused that that wouldn’t be so bad except that she might unconsciously grab the nearest patron and drink their blood to stay alive… which isn’t the first impression she would like to make.

Raichek give her half the pouch of coins, and perhaps she will listen to our offer. She has proven herself. Inside her head Feldis disappeared, her relief was visible. Speed and stealth is what I need. I already have my hammer, but not every problem will be a nail.
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