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The kitty ducked, bounding like a bouncing ball. Raichek did as he was found of, being the cat in this cat and mouse game, ironically with a kitty. As a mouse. It was easy enough to follow her by smell alone as that feline musk clung to her thickly just as her lunch did or whatever it was she had eaten that stuck to her. It smelled funny anyway. She moved suddenly, something shining flipped out of her hand. It skirted along his thigh, ripping a small gash open as it plinked rather harmlessly towards the floor, his armor swatting it down even though it would have tried to hang in him if it had been aimed better.

The kitty was a coward. That much was certain as she cowered behind a table as its patrons deserted it like birds in flight, flapping their arms as the orc crashed into it, flipping it over with a rough jab of the arm, in an effort to get to the kitty that was playing hide and seek. Raichek was still grinning, but that would fade soon enough if she kept running away. This is not Claws. A coward weakling is not worth hiring. Kitty ran around a table this time, swiping a mead mug and sent it flying at him. He sent it flying haphazardly to the side as he used his right arm as a shield. The orc roared in frustration finally. There was no satisfaction in this ridiculous battle. It could not even be called a battle! Coward! Come back here!

And suddenly Raichek realized where he had made his error. The kitty had taken him in a circle and stood beside Raglar, Mother of Mercy, holding a blade to her fine alabaster neck. The orc halted, his mouth open slightly, teeth apart. His breathing was a growling hiss. You furred bitch. I will have your heart if you dare harm her. The snarl could not be mistaken for anything else. With her vision, his goddess would undoubtedly notice the blood pounding through his body, fueled by adrenaline and rage. Barely held in check, he would leap at the kitty by her command. Her weapon holding Raglar hostage, Raichek was even more convinced that she was a coward and a pretender.
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