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Raichek's wide grin split his face and, as they were so close together, he simply pulled out his dagger, the shorter blade, easier to maneuver into killing position at this range even as his right hand was reaching for the hilt of his broadsword. She was fast, he had seen that much. With a roar of battle, he stabbed at her face with his dagger, even as his broadsword came free from the sheathe and swung in a low cutting arc below his stab. It made more sense to get closer to the enemy to protect Raglar and harry the enemy. Even if she was fast enough to get away from him, one of his attacks was sure to do more damage. If she didn't get away, well, she'd be stabbed in the skull and then have her head lopped off in short order. A head lopped off would certainly be a deformity. It was too hard to let them live during a fight and much easier to take advantage of surprise or indignation after hearing Raglar's command. Raichek had no sense of tactics. Just fight until the foe was a puddle of guts on the floor. If he had to tip over tables, kill a few bystanders, it didn't matter. Surely Raglar would understand as she had loosed him on this tiny kitty. He would show his goddess the string of her guts and make it into a necklace for her to wear.
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