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A teeny tiny kitty wove her way towards their table as if her ball of yarn had got away. The mountain of scarves and veils around her flapped with a soft whoopf whoopf that seemed exaggerated by her quick pace. The beads in her braids rattled together behind her and then she was standing at their table. It took Raichek a moment to realize that the teeny kitty was speaking and she was saying things that he supposed were not nice to him. I am brute. Big, strong, recognized for strength. However, the laughable thing was that she said she was Claws!

Raichek let go of a guffaw. Ha! You are Claws?! You are so... He gestured towards her thin frame that seemed like it did not eat enough. So... tiny. He didn't say that she was a woman. That was something else entirely. A woman couldn't protect themselves against anything. Sure, they could do a little damage from time to time, but they were no fine fit for protecting the Mother of Mercy. Claws was more certainly a man on top of not being tiny. The orc looked away from the kitty and towards his goddess. Raglar, would you have me gut the kitty in your name? Surely we can find Claws himself in some other place.
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