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Her wide ears rotated slightly, listening to the murmurs of the crowd, and feeling amused when they went silent as Raichek's voice rumbled through the tavern. An intimidating, if disgusting, brute. The manner in which he interacted with the smaller woman piqued the feline's curiosity. Were they together? Perhaps the brute loved the woman but it was unrequited? There were too many possibilities to be had.

Ears twitched as a series of popping and crackling floated through the tavern, nose wrinkling in disgust.... But moments later, the clink of coin came, and her ears rotated, and then her head followed, orange eyes fixating first upon the coins that dropped into a small pile, and then upon the large bag that followed.

There was a flurry of colorful scarves and flashes of orange-tan fur as she left her entourage. The faintest of jingling noises followed her pawsteps as she practically danced across the floor... Or was it teleported? For one moment she was sprawled languidly over the couch, and the next, she was standing across the table from the orc and the seemingly blind woman, before any others had moved.... The three men who had been her entourage looked after her longingly, and angrily, for the money, and the orc, had stolen her attentions from them.

Her voice purred out seductively among the slight chiming of the anklets and bracelets on her, the colorful scarves draping over in see-through strips, like one of the dancers to the south. "I am Claws, brute.... " Her eyes focused upon Raichek for a moment before looking to the woman sitting down.

"What is it, exactly, that the two of you wish to hire me for?" Her ears, large in comparison to the rest of her, perked eagerly forward, tail swaying behind her.
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