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Erzsebet took the water from the bar maid eyeing her blood and seeing the swill of diseases that flowed through her veins delivering sicknesses to all parts of her being. Momentarily she had second thoughts about drinking the water she had given her, but did so for appearances.

She was pleased with Raichek and his reckless and fervent desire to supply her needs. As he shouted at the barmaid she saw the collective pulses of most of the inn quicken, he was a truly terrifying companion. I have done well in saving this one. As he placed her hand on his side she squeezed him ever so subtly to let him know how much she needed him.

She heard first and then saw the relatively diminutive form of a couple Hiskr in the corner of the inn. Ezrebet was familiar with Hiskr having grown up in the mountains named for them. She felt a small tinge of jealousy at the command the female Hiskr exerted over the male. Feldis spoke inside her head, “this is the kind of respect you must command from more than your feral companion. Bringing my true kingdom will be the greatest trial of this age.” Erzebet snorted to herself… easy for him to say, he is a god. As the barmaid hurried away from Raichek’s roar, she whispered after her. When you start to feel unwell come find me, I am a healer. The barmaid turned back and looked at her confused before returning to her duties. Erzebet turned her attention mostly in the direction of Raichek and said, Raichek please find this Claws. Our purpose must be fulfilled.
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