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At first, the patrons of the inn seemed to freeze. Distrustful of the orc, hardly noticing the pale woman who entered after, their hands fell to daggers and weapons, eyes narrowed and ready. As he added that he was looking for Claws to hire, there was the slightest amount of relaxation, and several returned to their drink or their talk, while several others watched the pale woman stumble forward to the table. There were for men, working men, by appearances, though perhaps they were out of work for the moment. All of them looked over the woman with a mixture of distrust, and interest. They didn't speak beyond grunted greetings to her.

Behind the bar, the barkeep wiped out a glass. It perhaps needed a lot more than wiping, and the barmaid, buxom young thing that she was, bustled out of the kitchen with a mug full of water. She swung her way over to Erzsebet, fussing quietly. "Oh, you poor dear. No food or drink while traveling, and in this heat? Why would you even be on the road?" She gently set the mug on the table in front of the woman, and continued on. "There's some water for ya, you want anythin' else? Stew? Bread? It's only a few coppers."

Back in the corner of the inn, near the fireplace, a three men were gathered around a very basic chaise, a figure stretched across it. Two were hiskrs, one was human. One hiskr sat by her feet, the other on the ground, and the human stood on the other side. All of them glanced towards the orc, and his fragile looking companion, and then returned their attention to the figure that lay upon the chaise. Her ears, which had flattened with Raichek's roar, now perked as she listened to the woman and the barmaid. She sipped at the silver goblet of wine in her hand, turning to look past the men that surrounded her. Even as she did, one hand stroked over the hiskr on the floor, petting through his hair and over his shoulder.

Swathed in scarves and veils, much in the style of the southern desert, she still left much of her furred body exposed. Her dark tan fur was spotted with black, large ears picking up every noise, and her eyes, a striking gold, took in the scene easily. Her hair was in a mass of small braids, tucked back away from her face and behind her ears. A small rattling chime of beads came from it as she turned her head to look at Erzsebet and Raichek, examining them from across the room.
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