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Erzsébet clung to the orc’s prodigious side with as much frailty as she could project. She carefully clung to his armor and padding around his side to his front. Where she turned around and begin pawing at the air, making her way out into the Tavern’s main room apparently blindly seeking a table. In reality she was see everyone in bar just fine. Or rather seeing their very blood inside their vein’s pumping the life through their bodies. She stumbled forward trying to portray an air of the tiredness after a long journey. This ruse was helped by the fact that keeping up with the orc was tiring because of his long purposeful strides. Doing her best to seem like she could not see where she was going she made her way to the closest table with male patrons. Not being able to see the chair she ran into it at first and felt around it until she was certain she could sit in it without falling. She then collapsed into the chair, gasping and doing subtle coughing. She tried to will her stomach to growl to no avail.

Raicheck! She said as softy as she dared but loud enough so all could hear. Holding out an upturned hand towards the orc, not completely lined up with him but in his general direction. Save your strength. Such a long trip without food and drink has taxed us. We will need our strength there are so many in this city in severe pain. She spoke again softer this time after the din of the bar decreased to hear what she had to say. In the back of her mind Feldis spoke, “Randatria a city devoted to Randatis the Mighty, you speak true my child there are people in pain here. The pain of a lifetime of deception, but soon their suffering to their false idol shall end.”
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