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Raichek moved through the city. It smelled like shit. Horse shit. Cow shit. Sheep shit. Dog shit. Cat shit. Rat shit. People shit. Mold shit. Trash shit. There were several different types of shit all swirling together to make a literal shit storm in the orc's nostrils. Sometimes having a keen sense of smell was a bad idea. People around him gave him a wide berth, most likely because they would add more shit on the ground if they got too near. He mowed a path through the crowd easily, Raglar's blood scent behind him. She was better from behind. Many people did not realize she was there, hiding in his shadows. She could cut them just the same. She would watch his back, but he did not want to leave her there watching his back. He could only protect so much. This is why he had asked around, much to his displeasure, for assistance. "Claws," they said. So he went to find her. He had stolen enough gold from the merchant he had surprised outside of the city. City dwellers loved the stuff more than food. Pointless, if anyone asked him. You cannot eat gold and it was not heavy enough to be a proper throwing weapon. Though, have enough in a sack, it could potentially knock someone out, but then it may just fly out of the sack and then you'd have to get more. Easier to find rocks to fill up the sack. Rocks worked better too.

So here he was heading to a tavern that the Claws was supposed to frequent. It was bad enough that he couldn't read, but the instructions were clear enough. Find the sign with the horse with two heads. The Two-Headed Mare was a middling tavern, neither poor nor rich. Patrons drank throughout the whole day though it was more likely that people waited here for jobs or to gather information from the night before. So there weren't too many people inside when the large bone and armor clad monstrosity of an orc came inside, holding the door for the pale human beside him. Where is Claws?! He bellowed it at the patrons there, scowling at them. I would speak with the Claws! And as an after thought as he sounded angry, To hire! He simply stood in near the door and waited, his arms folding across his chest. Raichek the BoneBringer was a man to be obeyed.
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