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The Golden Buckle was by no means a dingy establishment. It was well lit and cozy with the stone fireplace blazing in the common room even before the five entered. The candelabras were gleaming brass though even a few cobwebs could get missed from time to time. Pleasant smelling beeswax candles were placed in the center of every table, cupped securely in a glass bowl filled with colored glass beads at the bottom so there was a mosaic of light around the base. The wood floor and paneling was done in a warmer red-brown hue while the tables were a lighter golden-brown. As usual, a bard was playing softly, providing pleasant background noise with his lute so the conversations never needed to worry about awkward silences. Many of the smaller tables were filled already and the bar had few spots open. Carvel, the bartender, tossed Alaric a wave as he entered. They were not an uncommon party. The half orc bartender was quite possibly also the best bouncer in the city so very few fights broke out in his tavern. Captain, pick where ya can. It's a busy night.

Alaric gave the man a nod and forged his way forward to find a decent table, nearer the fireplace. One was just being cleaned off by Gyrs, the hiskr serving girl. Carvel was sure to employ anyone he felt was qualified and not just the humans and elves because they were the majority of the racial demographics of the city. Roz liked it better that way anyway. Mind if we take this one, Gyrs?

The serving girl smiled and nodded, the green eyes in her calico face sparkling. Certainly, Captain. I'll take the drink and food orders in just a few moments.

Alaric nodded his thanks and motioned for everyone to seat themselves. Iona took the one with its back to the fireplace with Dera and Roz on either side. Rilyn and Alaric were on the opposite side with a chair in between them. Dhembet was acting the part of a pet wolfhound and settled beneath the table at Roz's feet. Carvel didn't mind the wolf so long as he was well behaved. The bard was playing a soft lilting tune on his lute called My Bonnie Lass and Roz was tipping her head back and forth to the beat, feeling safe with her "family" of sorts. Regulars for everyone?

Like we'd want to try something new when we've already tried everything on the menu millions of times. I want the Moonshire Mead and the ham pasties again. You know that I can't get over those. Iona tilted her chair back just a bit with her feet to warm her shoulders.

Blackberry tarts and the Primrose Blush in a long stemmed glass, like usual. Dera played with her cloak, trying to set it right on the chair so not to bunch up uncomfortably.

Roz had simply taken off her cloak and settled it on her lap, smiling softly. I'd like to have some ham pasties, blackberry tarts, a bowl of the chicken and potato stew, a beef bone, and a Summer Ale.

I will never understand where you put it all, Roz. Rilyn chuckled. I will have some of the stew too and might as well give me two of whatever ale barrel they have already tapped. What will you have, Alaric?

I know! He'll have ham pasties with me aaaaand... Iona pursed her lips and tapped them with a finger as she squinted and thought briefly. A mead? Two?

Roz laughed. Now he can change his answer and you'd be wrong, Io.

Alaric nodded solemnly and then shrugged lightly. True, but it sounds good enough. I don't need to. Did you get all that, Gyrs?

The serving girl had come up from behind and she smiled brightly. But of course. I should get a big tip, okay? The four squad members minus Alaric burst out laughing even as the girl wended her way back to the bar to give Carvel the orders. There was always a reason they liked the place and never felt like choosing another one. It was relaxed, personable, and gave them just enough feeling of security though they were always wary as part of their training. Dhembet was the best help for that. Despite being under the table, he could see anyone's approaching feet and smell them long before they made a move.
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