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Donovan and Angus walked through the streets. Most shops were closed and those that weren’t were busing themselves with packing up the gods and crates, unwilling to become the victims of the incoming storm. Angus’s mood was superb, whistling invented tunes to himself. Donovan was deep in thought about how he was going to communicate his concern to Angus when the said person decided to bring up to topic.

Brother, you really have no idea I am to be able to avoid the Hags of the Third. Donovan arched his eyebrow at the name given to the girls of Squad Three. To think that I have to work with them for the longer than a month, I just pray that…

Do you think you’d be able to work with them? Donovan decided to cut Angus off before his rant became a speech of ovation of sort.

I really don’t want to, but it’s a job and it’s not as if you can refuse the Captain-Commander’s direct order. Angus answered, shrugging.

You are missing my point. Donovan said. Their pace slowed to a halt and Donovan turned to look at Angus, whose face lacked the usual nonchalance it carried.

Then what is your point; my professionalism or my character? Angus asked curtly. His voice sparkling with anger. Do you know what they say about us behind our backs? That you’re an inexperienced captain and I’m your little side-kick? That everyone in the squad except Dawlish got in because of connections from school?

Of course I do, but that has never affected our squad’s morale; your morale. Donovan said quietly. It was unusual for Angus to have outbursts like this, not to say that it hasn’t happened before. He was the type of person, who picked himself up and dusted himself off in adversity. It was hard to hurt Angus’s pride, but the one thing that Angus could not bear was to have people undermine his squad’s authority and hard work just people the majority of them were young.

How about we talk about that freakin’ pathetic excuse of a salute Marth gave you back there? Or how about the fact that Dera Martin gambles with the lot of ‘em on whether we’d fail our mission? Younger or not you are a captain! You worked two hundred times harder than anyone in boot camp and in the barracks and that is why Captain Shen gave his recommendation to the captain-commander! Donovan’s eyes glanced sideways. They were certainly attracting attention by Angus’s yelling and steam was coming off Angus’s body like his a boiling teapot. His face was becoming flushed and his strawberry blonde hair was changing more orange in coloration.

Angus, I need you to calm down, like now. Believe me; I am well aware of everything you just said. Lieutenant Marth is like that with all captains and Officer Martin does the same thing when other squads get missions that she believes to be “bigger than they can chew on”. Donovan stepped a little bit closer to him, close enough to feel the heat but not enough to accidentally zap him. I understand that it must be discouraging at times; even disappointing to be in a squad that is seemingly looked down upon by some individuals in the barracks, but that’s why I need your help to prove them wrong. To let them know that we are more than some scholastically privileged kids sent into the Court Guard Squads to entertain them with each success or failure we accumulate. Donovan stopped and waited for Angus’s response, who breathed heavily, like he had just run the obstacle course eight times and did a full hour of cardio. The steam lessened and died down, his hair returning to its normal color, albeit still nest like. They began walking side by side again, the sky is dark with night and tiny rain drops were starting to fall, both of them pulled their hoods on. Some time passed before Angus finally spoke again.

I don’t like them Donnie, not one bit.

I know, but it’s our job. I as captain and you as lieutenant need to make sure that we are more prepared than others, emotionally and professionally. I know that it is going to be difficult for you but I need you to hang in there. It’s going to be like school, mixing with the people we don’t like and having a laugh about it when we get time out. Isabell will be gone for the most part being our liaison officer with the Lord Ambros so I need you to take care of Queenie for me. She’s new and I would not want to be picked on or led astray… Donovan trailed off when he saw three hooded figures in front of his family shop. He opened his mouth to say something, only to catch the smug look of Angus’s face. Donovan is speechless.

Goodness me, captain! What a cute little shop your family owns! It just slays me! Queenies soft cheery voice as he reached the trio. Isabelle waved at the both of them and Dawlish just leaned against the shop window and looked at the pair of them curiously. Donovan sighed; he certainly hoped that his mother had enough supplies for the sudden burst of number of people.

Come on, let’s talk inside and not outside in the rain.
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